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L.A. Child and other  stories

In this collection of award-winning short stories, men, women and teenagers from London to Boston to Hiroshima grapple with the unpredictability of their lives. A teenager receives a gun from his best friend when he finds out his girlfriend has been unfaithful. A teacher in Hiroshima finds herself acting in a live sex show. A young man fakes an act of heroism at the George Washington Bridge so he can be famous. A hostess in a Wonderland-themed amusement park loses her identity to become the “perfect” Alice. And, in the Pushcart Prize-awarded title story, a group of disenfranchised young adults try to make sense of the artificial world that is Los Angeles.

Review from Open Book Society:

The stories are fast-paced and to the point. The descriptions of the settings are vivid and

the dialogue and interior monologues bring to us the innermost thoughts and desires of the characters. It is difficult in short stories to really build a character, so using the first person, a bit of stream of consciousness and a bit of monologue, we can get a clear picture of the hurt, the panic, the determination or the resignation of the characters. It’s good to read this kind of book from time to time to remind us that suffering is all around us and it’s time to take a stand.

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The Elephant In The Bush

The Elephant In The Bush - Short Story published in Lilith Magazine.


Fiona is published in The Esthetic Apostle.
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