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Two Interviews with Penny Jackson Linked Below

About the difference between writing a new play and writing a new film. Very grateful to have my thoughts published.

BECOMING THE BUTLERS with Nicky Peacock.

An interview about my YA novel.

I KNOW WHAT BOYS WANT - ZipCreative Interview

Joanne Zippel of Zip Creative interviews Penny about her Off Broadway production of her play about cyberbullying and social media.

I KNOW WHAT BOYS WANT - Indie Theatre Now Interview

This interview with Martin Denton of Indie Theater Now focuses on the social issues of feminism, bullying and social media that are the themes of I Know What Boys Want.


LOUISE IN CHARELSTON - Indie Theater Now Interview

The theme of this interview is what goes into producing a play, who are the inspirations behind the story and why theater as opposed to fiction or a screenplay.

Interview with Penny Jackson about YA Fiction

This interview discusses why I believe writing about teenagers is so important and my concerns about the pressures young women face to be perfect in today's world.

GOING UP - The Thin Air Interview

My first international interview about assembling a British cast for an Irish production by an American playwright. Love Dublin and may bring this play to Brighton in 2016!

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