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Our new film GREETINGS FROM SARAJEVO is finished and hopefully will be in a film festival soon. This ten-minute thriller features two excellent female leads and asks can revenge truly bring redemption.

I wrote the film and my film collaborator Melissa Skirboll directed this in one day in Times Square and The Upper West Side. Already the film has received a four stars review from UK film review. You can read the review here.

Here is one excellent excerpt:

"Greetings from Sarajevo is a solid piece of filmmaking; a terrific thriller with a gripping premise and captivating lead performance from Dina Manganaris - in only her second film role, I might add! But the true essence of the movie lies with Melissa Skirboll’s direction and Penny Jackson’s writing. Both of which work in absolute harmony, creating a film which, like its main character, radiates with an assertive self-assurance."

Another great review for GREETINGS FROM SARAJEVO

"Melissa Skirboll's Greetings from Sarajevo is a quiet, engaging 10-minute thriller centered around a young Bosnian woman, Hana (Dina Manganaris), who arrives in New York City after being tipped off by Sofia (Kathryn Kates) that the man, Stanislav (Liam Mitchell), responsible for rape and murder of her family is in New York City. Having trained for this very moment, Hana has arrived with her eye on revenge."

– The Independent Critic

Read the full review


The screenplay of Greetings From Sarajevo has already received several finalist and semi-finalist awards from the following screenplay competitions:

Winner for best short script: The Indie Short Festival sponsored by The Los Angeles International Film Festival 2020

Finalist: Festigious International Film Festival - 2020
Finalist for short screenplay: Atlanta Screenwriting Competition April 2020
Finalist for short screenplay: Miami Screenplay Awards March 2020
Finalist: Chicago Screenplay Awards February 2020

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